Jennifer Hardacker
Media Arts
Pacific University


With this film, I reflect on the magical and poetic notion of a person finding emotional attachment to a specific place, while raising the possibility that it is not the placer per say, but ones accumulated memories associated with a place that is the real attachment to the place.

“The road led here” tells the story of a discontented voyager who finally finds a place to end her journey–but what is it about this place? The film is shot on 16mm film, HD video and moss grown on 16mm leader. The film employs text that nods to the literary tradition of odyssey/journey stories, such as The Wizard of Oz, On the Road, The Odyssey and others. Hardacker_Whale_Road

The film’s footage features iconic imagery of the Pacific Northwest: roses, waterfalls, ferns, and evergreens. This footage is overlayed with whimsical animation that is not meant to be polished but rather show the hand-made-ness of the animation. Because the animation is not seamlessly integrated into the footage, it creates a montage effect between the photo-real and the constructed with the synthesis being a magical realist effect on the viewer. My hope would be that some time in the future when the viewer is looking out a natural space, they could imagine the magic that could  be there, for example, the mermaids that could be swimming just beneath the surface of the ocean.

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