In this section contributors consider the nexus of montage, emotion, and event as mediating and being mediated by the self’s ever-shifting internal and external negotiations. It includes:

Lacan’s Critical Surrealism
by Paul Kingsbury

by Molly Coon

Montage as a Radical Ethical Act: Revolutionary Film-making from Eisenstein to Anakiev
by Stuart C. Aitken

Maya and I are discussing appropriate levels of melodrama in a café of beautiful women
by Marcela Sulak

Reading the Water
by Niklas Vollmer

Living Montage:  A Gastronomy of the Eye
by Chris Lukinbeal and Laura Sharp

The Road Led Here
by Jennifer Hardacker

Our Spirit Life
by Stephen Mead

Thanksgiving, 2004
by Matthew Lowen

Wishes. Arranged.
by Chad Hanson