This section provides a series of establishing shots that explore how montage informs conceptualizations and experiences of geography, as well as how montage as technique can be used to express those experiences.  It includes the following:

Montage and Geography, or, Splicing Splace
by Marcus A. Doel

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by Rachel Z. Arndt

The Bathos of Distance
by David B. Clarke

The Machine in the Garden: Framing the Agricultural Landscape 
by Holly Grace Nelson

From Splice to Dehiscence: Pummeling Space Through the Cinematic Event
by Colin Gardener

Digital Cinema, Montage and Other Visualities
by Shaun Huston

Urbs in Horto (City in a Garden)
by Jeremy Newman

Contextualizing Cultural Landscapes and Political Geography with Montage
by Kenneth Madsen

The Last Picture Show, Red River, and the Cinematic Spirit of Texas 
by Isaac Davidson