In this section, contributors enact translations across dialects, discursive conventions, and visual media.

Dan Mills’ Map Paintings rework the meaning of world, nation and place in colorful, codified brushstrokes.

In Code Switching a Poem, Elizabeth Bodien’s self-translations probe a geographical imaginary of different American vernaculars, from country drawl to text-message.

Hannah Rogers’ American Letters addressing bureaucracies and institutions transpose the language of intimacy onto the formal administration of American land and space.

In Cartography, Douglas Luman collages mapping conventions into a playful visual meditation on the power of maps to translate “blank” landscapes into planned urban space.

In Lost in Translation, Shireen Hyrapiet compiles an alternative narrative of urban public space from the voices of Kolkata’s rickshaw wallahs and local residents.

Dmitry Borshcht’s Drawings on Foreign Policy allegorize ruptures in the American patriotic discourse of war, translating familiar horrors into an unfamiliar medium.