In this section, contributors explore how multilingualism shapes places, identities, and feelings of belonging.

In this is that and that is this, Susan Jahoda records the multilingual conversations overheard in public spaces throughout India.

Kathleen Hellen’s Breakages in Japanese, presents an immigrant child’s struggle with cultural and linguistic assimilation in the United States.

In Elder Doe, Olaya Barr explores childhood experiences of bilingualism and an unexpected encounter with cultural difference.

What’s Good for the Soul, is Natasha Naayem’s description of traveling from New York to Lebanon, exploring how she belongs and doesn’t belong in each place.

Sylvia Cavanaugh’s Molly Maguire Was An Irish Woman imagines the experience of an illiterate, Irish-speaking activist in Pennsylvania’s coal mines.

In Mediated Stroll, MARGENTO guides the reader in a smartphone-mediated flaneur through a postcolonial city.