some things have been decided

by helen bowie

This is a “found poem” created through erasure. I have used a source text relevant to the topic of the poem, and then blacked out words to create a new message from what is left behind. The use of erasure felt fitting, emphasising the juxtaposition between the source material and the message of the poem, as well as highlighting how official narratives erase the reality of so many people’s experiences.

“Some Things Have Been Decided” draws on an article¹ about the process of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU) and the impact that has had for UK and EU citizens, including the loss of rights and the bitterly divisive rhetoric around the referendum and subsequent transition period.


¹ Drawn from the BBC News Website, “What Would A No Deal Brexit Mean?”

██████████████████████████ things will change on 1 January.
████████ wait ████████████████████
███ free ██████ will ████████████████████████████████ and ███████
The right to live ██████████ will no longer be automatic for UK nationals █████
A new ██████████ system will come into force ██████ involving a points-based system
for people ███████████████
███████████████████████████████████████ plants and live animals.

Helen Bowie is a writer, performer, and charity worker based in London, England. Her work has been featured in Queerlings, Beir Bua Journal and Dwelling Literary, among others. Helen has one cat and several bafflingly strong opinions about extremely trivial matters, and some even stronger opinions about less trivial matters, including bodies and politics.